Suggestions for improvement

We welcome your suggestions for improvement to the website of the All-India Anglo-Indian Association, Goa Branch.

Just remember, the site is hosted on Google Sites, a free service, so something very fancy may simply not be possible!



2 Responses to “Suggestions for improvement”

  1. 1 Anglo Goa February 27, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Thank you, Fletch. We have no issues with people being patronizing … in fact, in another sense of the word, we’d love that you patronize our site as frequently as you can!

    The earliest versions of our home page always had a leader paragraph which was contrived to include a link to the WordPress part of the site, but somewhere along the way we lost sight of maintaining its visibility, which is now only via the ‘Contact Us’ link in the left sidebar.

    > I promise I will get my backside into gear and add your site to my links page.
    Um, we already did that a few days ago, but thanks all the same 😉

    We’re putting together our own collection of links for a sidebar section titled ‘AIs on the Net’ … no prizes for guessing which website will head the list!

    Darryl aka The Anglo Goa web team

    To other readers, do check out Fletch’s Anglo Indian Portal at

  2. 2 Fletch February 27, 2012 at 6:48 am

    Hi Team,

    ‘Suggestions for improvement’ is not something in which I indulge. It seems so patronizing!

    I prefer to make a request, and mine is that this Blog is more prominently displayed in one of your navigation blocks in the left panel so that visitors like me can quickly get to a page to leave a comment.

    Darryl knows what I mean …!

    Congrats on the ‘clean’ site, and I promise I will get my backside into gear and add your site to my links page.

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